Everyone Counts in Pulaski

Pulaski is our home.

Down to each historic brick and blade of grass, our town is part of what defines us. In turn, we define it.

Now, we don’t know about you, but if we don’t like the definition, we’re going to change it. And, through the efforts of the community, from the private sector to the government, and down to the individuals who live and work in this town, we’ve been writing our own script. We’ll continue to do that, and if you love this place or you’ve got what it takes to add your own lines to a new scene, consider yourself a partner to Pulaski.

What Guides Us

A Master Plan

Several years ago, the community came together under an effort called Community U. Our goal was to develop a new vision for Pulaski. The process involved extensive input from various citizens. The result? A comprehensive strategy and master plan to guide our actions. While our approach is comprehensive, we build our efforts around four guiding principles. Click on each of them to learn more about Pulaski’s coordinated comeback

Guiding Principles

Welcome new and potential residents

Activate a downtown bike and pedestrian system

Support and celebrate emerging and existing businesses

Improve community appearance

Where We’re Headed

Our Mission

Pulaski on Main welcomes, promotes, and connects neighbors, artists, investors, businesses, and nonprofits to build and support a vibrant historic downtown which increases economic activity and community pride.

Our Vision

Downtown Pulaski is becoming a hub for innovators and entrepreneurship by attracting active creators to bring their energy to a unique, livable downtown district oriented to outdoor recreation, commerce, arts, and culture.

How to reach Pulaski on Main?

Follow us on Facebook.

Visit us at our office, 87 W. Main Street, Pulaski, VA 24301. We’re open from Tuesday – Friday, 10 am to 3 pm.

Email us at pulaskionmain@gmail.com