PLAN-IT Pulaski. June 20, 6 PM at the Train Station


Twenty people gathered this past Monday, June 13, at the Pulaski Theatre to focus on the organizations and efforts making Downtown Pulaski a place worth investing in. Read the meeting notes here.

NEXT UP: PLAN-IT Pulaski, June 20, 6 PM

We’re doing a deeper dive into the plans that have been done for Pulaski over the last decade or so.  What’s been done? What’s still to do? Where might we invest some time and money now to kick start bigger plans…and what’s our vision for the district?

  1. Choose a plan from the Plan Library to review.
  2. Fill out the worksheet or use it to prompt your thinking.
  3. Take part. Join us on June 20th at 6 PM  at the Train Station and share your thoughts.

Or come listen.  Everyone’s invited. Share this invitation widely!  Just forward the link.


Published by Douglas Charles Jackson

Roanoke VA based writer and community coach.

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