Build a Better Block…and More

The next Community U meeting will be on July 18 at 6 PM.  That’s a few weeks off for our group, but things will still be happening…

  • IMG_9866Nichole, Christiana, and Michael will be attending the Downtown Intersections event in Staunton on July 11-13.  (Contact Nichole if you’re interested in this annual Main Street training.)
  • After last evening’s strong conversation on the vision for Pulaski, we’re pinning down some draft vision language for the group to review. Watch your inbox for that.
  • On the resources page, we’ve posted some new websites.  Dive into these idea starters to prep for our conversation on near-term improvements.

Quick Impact Strategies
The Better Block
Lighter, Quicker Cheaper (Project for Public Places)
Small Bets (Strong Towns)
Thriving Places Project

Plus a quick bonus read…
Volunteer…(Melody Warnick on loving where you live)

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Roanoke VA based writer and community coach.

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