Our Town: Pulaski

At our last Community U meeting, Catherine Van Noy presented the potential of applying for National Endowment for the Arts’ Our Town resources to further progress toward the vision being developed by the Community U team.

Whittier Neighborhood Mural: Sioux Falls, South Dakota, courtesy NEA: Exploring Our Town

The program provides support for creative placemaking projects that “strategically link communities and local governments with artists, designers, and arts organizations to improve quality of life, create a sense of place, and revitalize local economies.” It’s been used around the country and in Virginia communities such as Cape Charles and Roanoke. Explore Our Town projects online in the following categories:

Public Art
Public Spaces
Community Design, and
The Creative Economy.

A project team is coming together now to explore the possibility. Interested in helping out?

  • Come to the August 10, 6 PM Community U meeting at the train station for an update, and
  • Attend a special Our Town planning meeting on Monday, August 15 from 3:30-5 PM.


Published by Douglas Charles Jackson

Roanoke VA based writer and community coach.

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