Next Meeting: Wed. Aug 24, 6 PM

vision2We’ll meet at the Pulaski Train station on Wednesday, August 24 at 6 PM to review the outreach materials.

Then we’ll use them for the August 27 nonprofit outreach event.   We’ll then present the same vision message to the Town Council on September 6.

Watch the blog on Tuesday, Aug 23 for a posting of the language so that you can review it before our meeting.

We’ll use this language to engage new partners, develop our master plan for downtown, underpin our brand refinement, and support investment in specific projects.

Where we stand now with the broader language:

A growing community, Pulaski has a tradition of neighbors supporting each other.  Established businesses and entrepreneurs seeking opportunity will find the same spirit. Downtown Pulaski has always been the heart of a livable community, sociable and hardworking, walkable and welcoming. We change with the times, adjusting quickly to markets and the world around us, without losing our unique character.

Today, communities that attract investment require connections to nature, cultural assets, and fast dependable broadband. Tomorrow’s Pulaski will be synonymous with our signature asset Peak Creek.  Our outdoor culture will feature an integrated system of trails and parks that make cycling an option for both leisure and transportation. Our cultural offerings will include fine arts and crafts, a lively restored theater, historic Calfee Park, and a boutique hotel.  Downtown will have high-speed telecommunications access and quality housing stock in and surrounding the district. Catalytic investments in downtown and surrounding businesses will highlight Pulaski’s character and potential.

Peak performance: Entrepreneurs and business leaders gather downtown. Custom manufacturers use new technologies to continue the regional tradition of innovation. And those growing their businesses will find it an ideal place to grow a family as well. “Around here,” people say, “everyone is making something, and making things better.”

A community of choice in the New River Valley, Downtown Pulaski offers the best of Southwest Virginia living.  Now is the time to take a closer look. There’s progress visible on our streets daily, and there are still real opportunities available. Pulaski is rising, together.  Join us.

Published by Douglas Charles Jackson

Roanoke VA based writer and community coach.

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