First Board of Directors Meeting Held

On January 11th, the first Board of Directors gathering was held at Pulaski On Main.

The directors discussed the logistics and rules of regular meetings. The Pulaski On Main strategies were discussed:

  • Welcome new and potential residents
  • Support emerging and existing businesses
  • Activate a downtown bike and pedestrian system
  • Improve community appearance

Catherine Van Noy, Interim Director, presented a brief history of work already done and underway.

The new at-large directors are:

  • Steve Critchfield
  • Chris Conner
  • Janet Hanks
  • Justin Kemp
  • Nancy Lawson
  • Tammy Parks
  • D. Jacob Prine
  • Cathy Stripling
  • Mary Terry
  • Sally Warburton
  • Walter White

The current standing directors are:

  • Mayor David Clark, Town of Pulaski
  • Elaine Holeton, Pulaski County
  • The Chamber and Redevelopment and Housing Authority representatives are pending.
  • Nichole Hair, Deputy Town Manager, serves as the Town’s appointment staff member.

In the coming month, the Board will be working on finalizing the organizational articles and bylaws as we advance toward full nonprofit status.

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