Flash Mob Covers Main Street

Hundreds of Pulaski Residents Participated in a Flash Mob

When the clock struck noon on January 25th, Main Street Pulaski broke into dance.

The festivities were led by a group wearing white “We Heart Pulaski” t-shirts all grooving to the tune of Our House by Madness. They slid and shimmied their way down the street, to be followed by hundreds of citizens, members of the Pulaski Fire and Police Departments, representatives of faith dressed in red robes, and assorted Pulaski County High School musicians.

This impromptu parade wasn’t just for fun. It has a deeper goal. HGTV will be hosting a show titled Home Town Takeover in which they’ll help a town of 40,000 inhabitants or less upgrade their look. The show hosts, Erin and Ben Napier, regularly make over homes. With this project, they’ll be expanding to restore an entire town. The town hopes to inspire Erin and Ben to select Pulaski with an application featuring video footage captured during the local-business-led event.

Erin and Ben will come away from the viewing knowing that, if selected, many enthusiastic citizens of Pulaski are behind them.

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