Pocket Park Naming Update

Pocket Park Naming Update!

All the entries are in and did we see a surge of interest within the past week. As of Jan. 27, Pulaski on Main had received 63 entries. But many were pondering up until the 11th hour because when the polls closed at midnight on Jan. 29, we had 136 entries.

Pulaski lovers near and far provided a broad range of ideas. Many are suggesting we use this opportunity to celebrate our revitalization with names like “Second Chance Park” and “Revivify Park.” There are others with a look back in history honoring many notable citizens like Dr. Mary Umberger or our town’s namesake, Casimir Pulaski, either by name or his title as in the “Count’s Court” and “Casimir Corner.”

Here’s what happens next. A group of citizens involved with the Downtown Revitalization project (especially those who have been regularly attending our monthly meetings) will convene with Town staff members to review names. We’ll develop a shortlist of options and a second committee will be responsible for managing the final selection. Once a name is selected production of the iron arch to the entry of the park will begin. We’ll plan a special celebration around the official park ribbon cutting. Watch this space and our Facebook page for updates.

And to all those who participated! Thanks for playing!

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