Youth Art Month, and the Main Street Gallery

When approached by Jon Ross from the NRV Fine Arts Center about the idea of a main street gallery, I was ecstatic. It was such a great idea to counter the closing of school’s art gallery due to COVID-19. These kids work hard on these pieces, and you can see it in the art. It is stunning to see how young and truly talented some of these artists are. Now these kids not only have a chance to show what they’ve worked on, but also get a chance to see themselves reflected on main street. I mean that literally and figuratively.

I thought Jon’s idea was brilliant from the start, but it really hit me when I saw a young artist posing with her piece as her parents took her picture. We often think about what we want to do on main street. Getting dinner, going shopping, etc., but we also have to remember that out downtown community is a place for children to find themselves somewhere to belong as well.

Kids from all across the county got to see their reflection in main street businesses, and buildings. Hopefully we as adults can create oppurtunities for these children to find a place inside these buildings as well.

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