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About Community U

During the spring and summer of 2016, Pulaski businesses, residents, organizations, and community leaders participated in an open conversation to consider priority investments to further the momentum we’re beginning to see downtown.

With some catalytic investments guided by the community, we’ll take downtown to the next level. In partnership with the Town of Pulaski, a community based organization will continue working with the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and other partners to fund strategic investments like Launch Something Pulaski to foster new business growth.

The outcomes of the Community U were:

Click here for the full Peak Creek Vision.

See below for notes from each meeting held during the visioning process and to see who was involved.

Information on our progress can be found on our Projects page.

The Pulaski Story

Here’s a big picture of our conversation themes below but go deeper in the Meeting 1 Notes.

The Big Picture:

Pulaski is a town of hard working people who also play hard and worship together. Our industrial past included several niche industries, and we’ve always found our niche, riding out booms and busts.

There’s a lot of ingenuity in the community, and we’re proud of doing things ourselves. Take Dr. Brockmeyer’s model town. There was some real passion involved in telling the community’s story in that handmade way. And it showed some deeper parts of our history as well: the segregated past is included, and if we’re going to move forward, we need to have everyone participating.

It’s a good time to figure out that next niche, too. We’re building momentum by referring to and building upon our past. The factory team history is now Yankees baseball, and the tide is turning. Together we can identify priorities for investment and address challenges that face many communities today. By raising the quality of our downtown and filling vacant buildings, we can also reduce crime and provide jobs.

View the proceedings from each meeting by using the links below. Check out the participants page to see who was involved throughout the process.

Week One –  The Pulaski Story
Week Two –  Pulaski Perspectives
Week Three  June 2 – Walkabout Pulaski
Week Four  June 13 – Cornerstones
Week Five  June 20 – PLAN-IT Pulaski
Week Six  June 27 – Pulaski in Partnership
 – – – 
Downtown Intersections Presentations – – –
Week Seven  July 18 – Refining the Vision
Week Eight – July 25 – Moving to Action
Week Nine – August 10 – Organizing & Outreach
Week Ten – August 24 – Organizing & Outreach Part II


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