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About Downtown

Expansion for the Town of Pulaski, began in 1886. Since its humble  beginnings, the town continues to grow and is now becoming a hub for future businesses. With roughly 34,000 residents located in the county of Pulaski and an estimated 8,000 residents in the Town; the unique cultural and regional demographics of the town make downtown Pulaski an ideal location for future investors. Pulaski is a unique location because of its rich southern history, ties to Appalachia and therefore offers opportunities for expansion.

Opening a Business in Downtown Pulaski, VA: First Look

Now it’s time to discuss the first steps in opening your business in downtown Pulaski. It is important to mention that the requirements for your business will vary depending on use and location.

Opening a business in downtown Pulaski also comes with its own set of incentives, which you can find by Clicking here

Before opening up your business, it is important that you develop a method of implementation that fits the needs of your organization. We have a suggested step-by step guide below that can help compartmentalize this into smaller steps for you!

Step One: Choose a Foundation

There are several options available for your business and it is important that you research the pros and cons of each foundation before making a decision. This is arguably one of the most important steps because the foundation for your organization impacts your relationship with other business owners, tax and legal liabilities. Click here for a list of the foundation options for your business!

Step Two: Register your Business Name 

Once you have chosen a foundation for your organization, it is imperative that you check to see if the name you are wanting for your organization has already been taken. If the name has not been taken, then you must use the online Virginia registration portal to complete your registration. 

For additional information please visit:

State Corporation Commission Clerk’s Information System’s Business Entity Search:  

Step Three: Obtain your Tax Identification Number

Similar to individual tax identification numbers, businesses and organizations also have state and federal tax identification numbers. These forms may vary depending on the type of organization.

For additional information please visit:

Federal Information: 

To view different forms:  

Specific tax information for Virginia: 

Step Four: Obtain Licenses

You must ensure that you are adhering to all state and federal licensing requirements within the state of Virginia.

In addition to this, it is important to also follow the licensing requirements imposed within the Town of Pulaski. For additional information contact the office of Community Development.  

Along with the town, Pulaski County has their own forms, check out the Business or Professional License, and the Business License Application. You can Click Here for a full list of their forms

Below here are resources for organizing your business, and more detailed information on how to get started

Small business Administration Resource

Here you can find some sample business plans

Virginia SBDC Resources

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