Pulaski Re-Branding



On January 27, 2017 Arnet Muldrow unveiled the new branding initiative for Pulaski and created a specific branding guide.

Brand Statement

We are Pulaski, Virginia.
Known worldwide for the exceptional workmanship of furniture that bears our name, Pulaski has sustained an industrious character even as our economy has evolved. Our industry of today is defined by perseverance, productivity, and a pioneering spirit.
Pulaski’s roots run deep, and our pride in where we’ve come from is equaled only by our excitement in what lies ahead. As we look to the future, our focus is on our peak, Peak Creek. Its renewal is a testament to the devotion and hard work of our citizens as we once again make it the lifeblood of our community. That future is on display in the bustling stands of our restored historic baseball stadium and from the guests at our boutique hotel that now anchors our downtown, both of which are proven catalysts for new investment.
Pulaski’s potential expands each day in the ingenuity of our entrepreneurs. Whether hand-crafting sweet treats in downtown, or fining tuning bikes for those that pedal along the New River Trail, our businesses have laid the foundation for downtown activity that continues to grow.
We are Pulaski. The opportunity of today blends with the tradition of innovation to create the Pulaski Spirit. That spirit is hard to miss, whether you’re hitting the trails, restoring historic buildings, or investing in new startups, we are reaching new peaks with every passing day.
We invite you to discover Pulaski, Virginia: Where Your New Path Begins.