We’re doing this together. Ask one of the following participants for updates or talk to them about getting involved.

Salvador Barajas, Radford University
Eric Bucey, Beans and Rice
Shannon Collins, Downtown Exon
Steve Critchfield, West Main Development
Timothy Goff, Resident
Nichole Hair, Town of Pulaski
Dawnita Hall, Resident
Leam Hall, Resident
Linda Hall, Pulaski Planning Commission
Janet Jonas, Resident
Rhonda LaFon, Department of Social Services
Mike McMillion, Pulaski Bikes
Michelle Poore, Resident
Michael Reis, Resident
Danny Shaver, West Main Street Businesses and Apartments
Michael Solomon, Pulaski County
Shawn Utt, Town of Pulaski
Morgan Welker,
Peggy White, Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce

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