Pocket Park Naming Update

Pocket Park Naming Update! All the entries are in and did we see a surge of interest within the past week. As of Jan. 27, Pulaski on Main had received 63 entries. But many were pondering up until the 11th hour because when the polls closed at midnight on Jan. 29, we had 136 entries.Continue reading “Pocket Park Naming Update”

First Board of Directors Meeting Held

On January 11th, the first Board of Directors gathering was held at Pulaski On Main. The directors discussed the logistics and rules of regular meetings. The Pulaski On Main strategies were discussed: Welcome new and potential residents Support emerging and existing businesses Activate a downtown bike and pedestrian system Improve community appearance Catherine Van Noy,Continue reading “First Board of Directors Meeting Held”

Pulaski Residents Invited to Name Downtown Park

Progress on Main Street! Our future pocket park for Main Street looks like a construction zone today, but that won’t be the case this early spring as we begin our conversion to a gathering  spot for visitors and residents. And Pulaski on Main wants you to participate in naming the park. Pulaski on Main, inContinue reading “Pulaski Residents Invited to Name Downtown Park”

PLAN-IT Pulaski. June 20, 6 PM at the Train Station

Twenty people gathered this past Monday, June 13, at the Pulaski Theatre to focus on the organizations and efforts making Downtown Pulaski a place worth investing in. Read the meeting notes here. NEXT UP: PLAN-IT Pulaski, June 20, 6 PM We’re doing a deeper dive into the plans that have been done for Pulaski over the last decadeContinue reading “PLAN-IT Pulaski. June 20, 6 PM at the Train Station”

June 2, 6 PM: Downtown Pulaski by Foot

Our next meeting of Pulaski Community U will include an interactive downtown tour. We’ll talk about special places downtown. We’ll map how we see the district working today, and how it might work tomorrow. Wear comfortable shoes, and meet at the Pulaski Senior Center (106 N. Washington Ave.) at 6 PM on Thursday, June 2, for pre-walk snacks and shortContinue reading “June 2, 6 PM: Downtown Pulaski by Foot”

Next Meeting: May 16, 6 PM

Join us at the historic Pulaski Train Station at 6 PM on May 16th for our next meeting: Good food, good people, and strategic conversation as we pull in more Pulaski perspectives. Together we’re taking a fresh look at Downtown Pulaski. During summer 2016, an open conversation is bringing together Pulaski businesses, residents, organizations, andContinue reading “Next Meeting: May 16, 6 PM”